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Monday, January 5, 2004
05:49 p.m.

sch juz reopened.. n this sucks.. hate sch.. hate tj.. hate almost everything.. although sch just reopened, i can kinda feel the pressure and stress that is awaiting me. everyone is gonna mug like mad this yr.. n what's worse.. im in tj.. a super mugging environment..

the thought of it really sux.. a levels is something tt not everyone.. even those who went to jc with fantastic grades can pull through.. not too sure if i can make it to u tho.. just scrapped thru promos last yr.. n my foundation sucks.. and i think im gonna fail everything again during mct.. sucks.. this really sucks.. i wanna die..

anyway.. putting aside sch life.. mtv asia awards 04 is cumin.. i love joo!! really wanna see him in spore receiving the award!! haha.. joo rox! i love him.. i've been voting dutifully everyday man.. damn... not that consistent w my studies tho.. haha.. but joo is my everything.. besides carebears.. hee.. im in love w carebears..they r soooo cute! goodness.. i muz give a kiss to the creator of carebears man! he/she is such a genius.. fancy creating multiple colorful bears with huge pot bellies.. hehe... soooo cute.. well.. got my sis to get one for me for christmas.. but she got the smaller one! damn! was super pissed w her that i didnt wanna talk to her on christmas itself.. haha.. was making such a din on christmas eve tt my dad promised to get me the big one! hee..yay! i got my carebear the day after.. hmmm... boxing day? haha.. man.. come to think of it now.. i was such a big baby on christmas eve.. making a din over silly carebears! anyway.. my hand is tired and it's all beat's fault for making me update this bloggy.. haha.. dont slam me gal.. anyway.. joo rocks!! *smilez*

Tuesday, November 11, 2003
11:04 p.m.

joo rocks... n so does beat & her friend... haha... thanks for helping me with the blog.. really appreciated it... thanks a bunch.. :)

Saturday, November 8, 2003
12:08 a.m.

beat rocks

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